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So it's been seven months. Meh.

I appeared as the guest chef in another blog!

Eat What's On Your Plate!

There may be a connection between myself and the author. Just sayin.' I love that my name for the purpose of her blog is The Bastard. This amuses and please me greatly. Additionally, I'll be watching Eat What's On Your Plate from behind the scenes a bit to see if perhaps moving The Bastard Chef to tumblr might be something worth doing.

Speaking of which, hopefully I'll be posting to the Bastard Chef more often as time marches on; I'll be cooking more and more often very soon. For example, Rib-Off 3: Insert Witty Name That I've Already Forgotten Here is coming this summer! Communication has already begun (sputteringly so, but nevertheless).

Also, I need to make a link list here to my friends food blogs. Unfortunately, I can only remember one other; hey cobie, can you give me the link to yours again? And does anyone else have one? ...Bueller?

Finally, to round out this update (which is already twice as long as any post my actual journal has received in weeks), I'm making a list of all the food/entertaining related projects and goals I've got running through my mind.

- The Drunken Bastards Cooking Show, with The Fantastic Mr. P
- The next Foodening with skeets
- learning more about Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, Chinese, and Japanese cooking and flavor profiles
- the next Bake-Off
- the next Infusion Party
- I swear to god I had more of a list in my head when I started typing this.


I miss the foodie gatherings.
And you are certainly missed at them, sir. If/when you find yourself back out here, to visit or for good, you'll certainly find your old place behind the food waiting for you.
you expect me to eat what now?

March 2011

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